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Farboro (Mintstop) / Piano Songs

by Farboro

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Mintstop 1 04:40
I wish I was cool enough to be places I wish I had a voice that was wanted I hate crumbling in the heat of your faces And mumbling for my need to feel hunted Your bubbles turn my fingers to bone And my spine keeps shrinking I’d jump to trade my skin for a home And a time without winking Your mumbles cast my singer to stone In my mind it’s blinking The clump my brain has hid in his dome With a crime about thinking Looking down on collective smiles Where I’ve never been a thought Crawling through glass for miles Just to end up getting caught On my eroding tongue On my blistered thumb I’m right I’m right I’m right here Here is the worst place I’ve been Drowning under rocks of kin All your webbing rips my skin Is cross hatched brittle and thin I want to be in your spin But my voice can’t break the wind Or begin (Why can’t I just combine, they don’t want me, it’s not fine. Why can’t I cry) (I don’t know why I can’t speak, my mouth is open. I don’t know why I can’t see where I’m choking. I don’t know why I won’t know why)
Mintstop 2 07:00
You’re tired of laying down staring through the sky all day I wanna hear that sound, your sun exploding cry turn gray You can’t take off that gown. I wanna watch you die, shave, pray I need to feel the ground. I keep bouncing off your eye that way I wanna hold a boy You wanna be his toy Hell’s comin boys Hell’s comin close Hell’s comin boys Hell always knows I’ve fallen in I’m tired and thin Don’t take my feet Don’t take my sleep I want to be there on your cloud You want to be theirs on the ground
Mintstop 3 04:48
Melt foot corner bound loser Itch arm shut eyes for too long Your loose tooth apples are podding Scratching, skipping to their flesh song I wasn’t even there I’ve never been there No one’s ever cared How would they care Rope tied with mirrored face and stitches Magnet flesh but minds the same You miss cracks when that’s where flowers bloom A distant desire to change your name Cut rope stripped throats bruising Eye suns cheek salts reflection You hate your face and you want your seven years Or to regain that urge of protection I wasn’t even there I’ve never been there No one’s ever cared How would they care
Reef 03:04
Body of oil Tainted soil What we’re doing Could it be right? Freedom of palm trees Shaving off your knees As long as they’re moving And singing our songs Tying tongues lightly Cloaking unsightly They won’t go looking If they think there’s no light Body of oil Tainted soil What we’re doing How could it be wrong? The sand is all consuming we’ve got nothing to breathe nowhere to go Roses may be blooming but their eyes can only see what they’re shown Trample memories topple thought can fire fought wars ever regrow Chanting “envy!” as they stomp on mothers shops oh what do we know Molded lies Poisoned youth and poisoned gloves Burrowed in our sum Burn the sky Burn the mighty gods above What have they done If we die We’ll go out with our thumbs Buried in their tongues If we try We’ve (weave) everything to be won Only pillars will (we’ll) be gone
Farmhoods 01:28
Cry me a mother Love like a river Drown me in the spit and the spitter Glue me a pasture To fuse my fractures Carry me on top of your shoulders and after We’ll all bow to our lovers Chew off the covers Sink into flashing bulbs of a million colors It drowns me Then gives me Buoyancy It blinds me Reminds me It’s hiding It hugs you It loves you It wants you Then shields Then seals Why feel
I love you Screen boy, impatient I want you Though I would hate it Why won’t you Hit me, hurt me Cry for you Bent lost on my knees I scrape the bone In holy home
Paper Skies 03:51
I want to hold your hand And spit through the sand I want to mold our lake Give them something to take Make us Make us I wanna be in your dust Take us Take us Through the sea into rust Make us Make us I’m finally me in your trust Makes us Makes us Men decreed of disgust When will this come crumbling down When will we deserve the ground Why can’t you hear that horrible sound Oh what a beautiful moonlight It smells like shit inside this mask I’m losing all sense of my mass Every stone could be my last Oh what a beautiful moonlight
I can’t see Your eyes or trees I can’t think I can’t sink I don’t know where to move Hold me please I can’t feel my knees I just wanna go to sleep I wanna be a sheep Locked into the grooves I burn for a parallel form In turn the sand scorns I finally found my way to your mouth My tiny weathered fingers will sprout Into our home And through tower and dome Am I really so awful and sick That I should beat my head with a brick I want to just give you my all And let your clouded hands catch my fall But I’m too weak To move my screen
Well there it goes I lost our net when we lost our clothes As I implode Floating in nothing where there used to be a road I’m reaching out as far as my arm can go Towards some string in a pillar of snow What i’d give for a second Of measurable action Against the manly faction in me If I’m here can I touch it I want to push and rush it For us there is no luscious of seam I will crumble under water As fire is the potter And wire is our daughter at sea I want to be yours forever Two signs for stormy weather I want every second for pleasure In my bones in your screen in my ice cream
A man of silence threw himself into the mudded sun Crushed by the sky, this string of implosions has just begun This is what you asked for Do you like what you asked for A floating siren blew the ear drums of a million men A trampoline bore six feet deep into the earth for them Trading words like landslide Watching birds fly too high Dreams of twine Punished by wine Cast to grape Stripped of shape Dragged through thorns Burning red forms Shave your mind Free of mirrored kind Is that really a worm on my screen Worms on my screen Worms on everything Is that really a worm on my screen Or am I just seeing things
Humdinger 2 02:56
I’m here now You can take off your whisper shield I’m pure now I don’t desire to feel I’m tired And my feet are glued to the sky Our wires Have tangled up and died Dear god I don’t know what to do Dear god Let me shave off my knees for you


Farboro (Mintstop) Visualizer:
Piano Songs Visualizer:

Rather than a debut album or EP, Farboro opts for a debut package of two releases, an EP titled "Farboro (Mintstop)" and an album titled "Piano Songs". Each release pushes the listener to one of the many extraordinarily different corners of the creator's eclectic and unique vision.

"Farboro (Mintstop)" features a compact 16 minute run time in which Farboro speaks not to the listener, but to himself. Backing the internal monologue are low-end heavy skeletal instrumentals that are as manic in tone and function as the thoughts casted by the creator.

Dissenting from the more direct nature of the EP, "Piano Songs" is an abstract approach at a concept album. Farboro tells a story up to the listener to interpret in an intimate offering of eight lo-fi acoustic folk songs. These songs stir up as much of an image of the story he explores, as they do images of the musician playing it. At moments songs will be soft and beautiful, and in others passionate and boiling over in emotion, as if the guitar strings could be drawing blood from the player's fingers.

Both projects function as distinct visions, yet, the contrast of how these two creations meet is only one moment in which opposites or unlikely pairings meet. In each individual project moods and intentions change or evolve, and sometimes artificial tones will paint human pictures, yet in others human sounds tell stories of fantasy.

It is clear that Farboro provides an endless streams of contrasts that the viewer will find themselves lost in.

Tracks 1-3 : Farboro [Mintstop]
Tracks 4-11 : Piano Songs



released October 2, 2020


all rights reserved



Farboro Roswell, Georgia

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